Free Credit Score ?

These days, with many peoples income dwindling, free credit score checks are more popular than ever. Being able to check one’s score for free is a terrific tool, especially for those who are short on money.

Unfortunately, many of these advertised sites ask for a credit card and in small writing at them bottom say something along the lines of, after using this application you are automatically signed up for a credit check every month, and they then proceed to charge the card number you had originally given them.

If you find a place that advertises, free credit score without credit card, take advantage of it, as long as they never ask for your card number. Luckily, the government requires that the major credit reporting company’s provide you with a free credit score every year.

With the lack of health insurance, credit cards running rampant through store’s check outs, and the housing market at an all time low, many people are not at the height of their credit achievement.

Taking advantage of a free credit score check is a good way to know what is actually happening with your credit and can help you get started to a path of fixing it if your score is not at it’s fullest potential.

Make sure, when searching for a free credit check to find one that states specifically that they do not ask for your credit card information and always read their disclaimer.

Many company’s advertise the free credit check and then, like previously stated, automatically sign you up for the monthly report which they charge for.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, also known as FCRA, makes sure all companies adhere to laws of the act, which states that, all of the credit reporting companies provide their customer’s, upon request, with a free credit score once a year.

Unfortunately, that is when they ask for your card number and usually say it is used to accurately report your credit score.

Fortunately free credit score gov have a website that bypasses all of the bologna stated by the major companies and will give you the credit check without your card number.

Free credit scores is one of the biggest scams on the internet these days. It is a legal scam that many people fall for all because they need their credit report and have not been given the correct information on how to actually get a hold of a free copy.

All the large companies do the routine of only telling you that the card number they had requested from you is only needed to get an accurate credit score and do not advise you to read the small print which adds in the fact that if you do not cancel the account you automatically signed up for, they will do the monthly score which they then charge for.

Many people are unaware that the government provides a way to get a score free of charge.

After reading this article you now have the information to get around that slimy scam and get a free annual credit check.

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